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Welcome to GERYON

Latest news

New GERYON videos 10 July, 2014

A total of 11 videos have been produced by the GERYON consortium for the final project view. Details of these videos can be found in the Video section.

The 5th issue of GERYON Newsletter 29 May, 2014

The 5th issue of GERYON newsletter is available at the Newsletter section.

GERYON is presented at EENA Conference 2014

GERYON is presented by the project coordinator EHU @ EENA Conference 2014

GERYON will be presented at CeBit 2014

GERYON will be presented by consortium member VIOTECH @ CeBit 2014

A number of GERYON research papers have been accepted for publication

Several research paers, covering various topics on emergency communication networks (e.g. security, standards, performance and adaptation), have been accepted for publications.

GERYON establishes liaisons with three EU FP7 projects

With the aim of collaborating with world class researchers and providing better solutions for future emergency communication systems, the GERYON team establishes liaisons with three other EU FP7 projects: FREESIC, HIT-GATE and PPDR-TC.

GERYON appeared in the Basque TV media, Spain

The GERYON project appeared in the Teknopolis TV show, one of the longest-running science and technology disseminating programme with more than 10 years on air in the Basque public television.

The 4th issue of GERYON Newsletter 30 November, 2013

The 4th issue of GERYON newsletter is available at the Newsletter section.

GERYON workshop: International Workshop on Emergency Telecommunications Systems (ETS 2013)

With the aim of collaborating with other researchers in the emergency communication field and also providing an opportunity to present some initial GERYON results, an International workshop on Emergency Telecommunication Systems 2013 (ETS 2013) was organised by the consortium.

A number of GERYON deliverables are available for download

The dissemination level of several GERYON deliverables has been changed to public and they are available for download from the deliverables page.

The 3rd issue of GERYON Newsletter 30 May, 2013

The 3rd issue of GERYON newsletter is available at the Newsletter section.

The GERYON Project PoC video

A PoC Call demostration between a TETRA terminal and an IMS handset by using the PoC standard that is defined by OMA.

GERYON successfully presented at British APCO 2013 Exhibition

GERYON project went public once again at British APCO (BAPCO) 2013 Exhibition. The main audience of the BAPCO 2013 event were the public safety communication stakeholders. The GERYON stand presented a video, three posters and three live demonstrations.

The GERYON Project video

This video presents an overview of the GERYON project. At the beginning, it demonstrates the need of the GERYON project that aims to provide next generation technology independent interoperability of future emergency services.

The fourth GERYON Video: Control room demo

In this video demo, we show a number of services of the GERYON Control room, including including video call, chat with file transfer, and call forwarding and dispatching.

The third GERYON Video: TETRA to IMS terminal text message demo

In this video demo, we show an text message conversation between a TETRA device and an IMS terminal.

The second GERYON Video: LTE to TETRA terminal call demo

In this video demo, we show a call stablishment between an LTE device and a TETRA terminal.

GERYON will participate in the British APCO 2013 Exhibition at Stand H2

The GERYON consortium has booked the Stand H2 in the BAPCO 2013 Exhibition (Manchester Central, UK, 29-30 April 2013) to demonstrate the GERYON project and share ideas, information and experience with sellers, specifiers and users from Public Safety communications.

International Workshop on Emergency Telecommunications Systems: Call for papers

The GERYON consortium warmly invite you to participate in the International Workshop on Emergency Telecommunication Systems (ETS 2013), 10-13 September 2013 in Wrexham, UK.

GERYON will be presented at Critical Communications World 2013

Dr Fidel Liberal (UPV/EHU) has been accepted by the Critical Communications World 2013 to be held in Paris, 21st-24th May 2013 (former TETRA World Congress) for his presentation titled "OTT enablers for smooth convergence from TETRA to future broadband LTE critical communication networks".

The 2nd issue of GERYON Newsletter 13 December, 2012

The 2nd issue of newsletter is available at the Newsletter section.

The first GERYON Video: TETRA to IMS client call demo

In this video demo, we show a call stablishment between a TETRA terminal and an android device running an IMS client. In this case, we are making use of a Teltronic infrastructure and a wifi network to interconnect with the mobile phone.

Published papers

Is-Haka Mkwawa and Lingfen Sun, "Power-Driven VoIP Quality Adaptation Over WLAN in Mobile Devices", IEEE Globecom 2012, Workshop: Quality of Experience for Multimedia Communications (GC'12 Workshop - QoEMC)
Ali Alfayly, Is-Haka Mkwawa, Lingfen Sun and Emmanuel Ifeachor, "QoE-based Performance Evaluation of Scheduling Algorithms over LTE", IEEE Globecom 2012, Workshop: Quality of Experience for Multimedia Communications (GC'12 Workshop - QoEMC)

EHU published a press release on GERYON project 22 August, 2012

On 22nd August EHU published a press release in two major news agencies in Spain (EFE and Europa Press) and in the UPV-EHU website.

The 1st issue of GERYON Newsletter 09 May, 2012

The 1st issue of newsletter is available at the Newsletter section.

Project details

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Final project demo videos

The GERYON consortium has created a series of videos to demonstrate the different enhanced services considered for interoperable emergency communications. Details of these videos are presented as below:

Intermediate project results

Project Overview

In the current digital world, users of first responder communication systems are aware of the benefits that the interconnection between different Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) and the integration of new advanced data services could bring to their professional sectors. Considering the current multimedia capabilities of both emergency and general purpose mobile terminals, it is just a matter of time that we see police or fire-fighter units transmitting image-based vital information in real time to central stations or to other mobile units in order to assure quick and expert responses to critical incidents. In order to satisfy this need for broadband data services, different PMR technologies have tried to improve data transmission capabilities. Unfortunately, however, interoperability between systems is largely based upon bespoke interfaces between specific systems.

GERYON will provide an unified answer to the problems that system integrators must face when interconnecting different emergency networks by bringing together and deploying in a specialised manner the common technical and operational logic regarding Identity Management, Security, Signalling, Transcoding and enhanced emergency services deployment. Instead of duplicating the same functionality in different gateways for each pair of technologies to be connected, GERYON will extract and unify the related management modules in a technology independent way and will provide mechanisms and interfaces for an easy deployment of new technology dependent interconnection gateways.