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COSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A. (COS)

COSCOSMOTE Mobile Telecommunications S.A. was commercially launched in April/98 and within a short period of time COSMOTE succeeded in becoming the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Greece. Today COSMOTE¡¯s customer base reaches 8.3 million that is almost 48,52% of the Greek market share (Sept./2010). COSMOTE has also managed to establish itself as one of the biggest mobile operators in SE Europe through the successful course of its subsidiaries: AMC in Albania, GLOBUL in Bulgaria and COSMOTE Romania and Zapp in Romania, with a subscriber base of about 21.3 million (3Q/10).

COSMOTE network has always been one of the company major competitive advantages, having an impressive record of important market firsts: COSMOTE was the first operator in Greece and among the first in Europe to introduce HSDPA (June/06), among the first to upgrade HSPA to HSPA+ (May/09), first in Greece to launch mobile broadband at 28.8 Mbps (March/10), first in Greece and among the 10 first networks in the world to record broadband DL speeds at 42.2 Mbps (adopting HSPA+ Dual Carrier) in real network conditions (May/10). Finally, at the 12th Info-ComWorld International Conference (Athens, 19/Oct/10) COSMOTE presented the first pilot demo of LTE technology which allows speeds of 100 Mbps (DL) /45Mbps (UL). This pilot will play a significant role in GERYON.

Role in the project. COSMOTE will contribute to GERYON project indifferent areas. In WP1 COSMOTE will provide support regarding the requirements –especially on emergency communications- that shall be fulfilled and the limitations faced by the mobile operator, leading two tasks (T2.2 and T2.4). COSMOTE will lead WP5 related to the deployment of LTE emergency communications, allowing the convergence of PMR with commercial mobile services. In WP6 COSMOTE will contribute with system deployment (integration, testing) and in trials’ conduction & assessment, leading T6.3. Finally, COSMOTE will participate in all the tasks of project dissemination and exploitation (WP7).

Short profile of the staff members

Dr George Lyberopoulos received the Electrical Engineers Diploma from the Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) in 1989 and the Dr.-Ing. degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1994. He joined COSMOTE in 1999, where he holds the position of Network Evolution Deputy Director. Since 1999, he has been appointed Project/Technical manager for all the major projects within COSMOTE (GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, IMS, 2G/3G Femtos, LTE) including specification, technical trials and network design & rollout phases. He is author of over 30 scientific papers in mobile communications.

Dr George Korinthios graduated from the Physics Dept. of the University of Athens (UoA) in 1994. In 2002, he received his PhD in VLSI Architectures for Broadband Communications systems from the UoA. In 2002, he joined COSMOTE, while today he is responsible for COSMOTE's network architecture evolution. He is the author of several scientific papers in the fields of design and implementation of high-speed parallel VLSI architectures for traffic scheduling/policing components for Broadband systems.

Helen Theodoropoulou received her M.Sc. in Radioelectrology and Electronics from the National University of Athens (NUoA) in 1994. She joined COSMOTE in 1998. During 1994-2000 she was involved in radio network planning and in 2000-2005 she headed the New Technologies & Special Projects Section. During 2005-2009, she has been responsible for the New Access Network Technologies Section (wireless broadband and broadcasting). Since Sept. 2009, she has been assigned the R&D Projects Section of the Network Evolution Sub-Department (EU and National funded technology projects).