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CYSGRUPO CYS was created by private initiative in Spain in 1985. Since then, GRUPO CYS has become a global integrator of communications solutions recognized by many operators, public agencies and equipment manufacturers worldwide. The main activity of GRUPO CYS along 25 years of existence has been the engineering, planning, installation, tuning and maintenance of Cellular networks including TACS, ETACS, CDMA, GSM, DCS, TDMA, TETRA, TETRAPOL, NMT, AMPS, POCSAG, MPT1327, PCS, LMDS and UMTS.

Regarding PMRs GRUPO CYS has been responsible for:

Other notable projects developed for the integration of solutions under the TETRA standard as the integration of intercom systems, PA system, Passenger Information, Remote Control and Remote Control Rolling Stock Integrated communications solutions integrating rail or air to the aerial band solutions. Another major activity is comprehensive tracking, traceability and messaging environments (Logistics and Transport).

Furthermore, GRUPO CYS is a partner of Innobasque (the research and innovation agency of the Basque Country), actively involved in leading and collaborating on R&D projects with other companies, universities and research centers statewide.

Role in the project. The main activities of CYS can be split into three major lines. In WP2, CYS will provide its long experience as system integrator to the specification of the GERYON architecture (T2.3, T2.4 and T2.5). CYS will head WP4, leading the design (T4.2) and development (T4.4) of the GEGW which will allow the interconnection of TETRA networks with IMS systems. As well, CYS will have an important participation in the integration and trials (WP6) where they will lead the evaluation of technical interoperability (T6.2). Finally, CYS will provide its commercial standpoint and will contribute to the Business Plan.

Short profile of the staff members

Marcos Lequerica received his MSC degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polythecnic University of Madrid in 1990. He joined Grupo CYS in 1993 where he has been responsible for the Radio-electric Division and managed several R&D regarding different radio technologies planning, coverage analysis and deployment specially TETRA and TETRAPOL

Roberto Maza received his MSC degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Cantabria in 1991. He joined CYS in 1997. Since then he has taken active part in the deployment of GSM, UMTS and TETRAPOL networks especially in the railways market. He is an expert in software tools for the analysis of radio networks.