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ITE ITELAZPI is a public network operator wholly owned by the Basque Government, which provides communication services to the different public administrations in the Basque Country. To go about this task, it has a public infrastructure of over 220 communication locations at key points in the region. This public infrastructure, managed and operated by Itelazpi, is the basis for the services offered to its client entities.

ITELAZPI was created in September 2003, by Decree of the Basque Government, whose mission and main objectives are:

ITELAZPI is a public company which was set up 7 years ago and is aimed at the provision of broadcasting and public communications services and the management of public telecommunications infrastructure, using cutting-edge technology, service quality and protection of the environment, clearly reflected in our corporate values: Focusing on customers and society, Providing services with the latest technology, Staffed by highly-skilled professionals, Focusing on results and efficiency, Protecting the natural environment, People as the core of the business, Excellence and innovation.

Role in the project. Based on this experience, the main ITELAZPI contributions will be focused on Specification and system design (leader of WP2) and on the Integration, Field Trials and Evaluation of the systems and components (WP6). As a Tetra service operator, and fully aware of different mission critical and emergency users’ current requirements, ITELAZPI will lead the definition of emergency services and interoperability from user requirements points of view. Likewise, ITELAZPI will support the specification and settings of emergency communications in IMS, LTE and TETRA. Finally, ITELAZPI will also assume a leading role in the final trials and technical evaluation of interoperability, carrying out life trials and pilots with current emergency users, in order to provide enhanced capabilities as well as added value services in daily communications in the Land Mobile Radio business.

Short profile of the staff members

Naiara Goia, TETRA Customer Manager. Naiara is the Project Manager of the commercial deployment of the TETRA network in the Basque Country. She has a leading role in the process of the TETRA services design and in the liaison with third party suppliers and customers. She has also previous experience within the telecommunications sector in other European countries such as France and Sweden. Naiara holds a MsC in Telecommunications Engineering from the UPV/EHU and an MBA in Marketing and Management.

Amaia Bizkarguenaga, Tetra Customer Engineer. Amaia works as a Tetra engineer at ITELAZPI, assisting and supporting the Tetra services design and marketing process. She graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in 2005 from the UPV/EHU. Previously Amaia worked as a lecturer at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of Mondragon University, cooperating in different R&D projects.