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VIOTECH Communications, headquartered in Versailles, France, develops, produces and markets advanced solutions for multimedia applications, which meet the expectations of people in terms of communications, information and security.

The company spends a comparably high percentage of its turnover on research and development, and in doing so provides the means to employ specialists for its main field of activity. The focus of the activity is on developing “digital media”-related applications, particularly based on ISO/MPEG, IETF and ITU-T standards. VIOTECH provides solutions that enable audiovisual and multimedia transmission over digital networks, including IP multicasting over WLAN and Intranets inside homes and companies. At the core of our work, new communication architectures and protocols supporting multimedia and mobility over the Internet, together with intelligent Internet services, are essential as well as human-computer (user awareness) & P2P interaction and personalization capabilities.

Recently VIOTECH products include:

The further research and developing activity has been investigating the design and implementation of next generation middleware to meet the requirements of emerging distributed applications. The company is leading contributor to the European Union's Information Society Technology programme (EU IST), as well as various national French (ANR, RNRT) programmes. Within FP7, VIOTECH Communications intends to integrate and implement the project results in its existing and future product families, for new commercial applications either through its OEM and System- integrator and other strategic partners or through the many channels and direct sales worldwide.

Role in the project. VIOTECH will participate to the general architecture definition, IMS set-up, design and implementation of MGW, project solution integration and test, dissemination of the project results.

Associated to this role, VIOTECH will lead the following tasks: T3.5 (Implementation of MGW), T4.4 (Integration of GEGW and SGW and MGW) and T7.3 (Business Plan).

Short profile of the staff members

Dr. Julien PAUTY received his Ph.D from the INRIA Institute in Rennes, France, in 2005. From 2005 to 2007, he worked as Research Engineer at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, taking part in several European projects, such as IST FP6 ENTHRONE, ITEA (Client/server applications (for Digital Libraries, e-catalogues, indexes), QoS for multimedia wired and wireless networks architecture) He joined VIOTECH as R&D; engineer in 2007.

Baptiste De Meerler received his Diploma in Sales Management in 2002. He shortly afterwards integrated MAQBAR, editor of sales support software, where he has been in charge of the support and sales management activity to French and since recently, international customers. Starting 2006, he joined Viotech Communications as Chief Executive Officer, being direct responsible for the management and business development of the company.

Dr. Mamadou SIDIBE received his MSc. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Versailles, in 2005 and his PhD from the same university, in 2009. From 2005 to 2008, he worked as Associate Researcher at the CNRS-PRISM laboratory and participated in several European collaborative projects (ENTHRONE, ATHENA, IMOSAN). In 2008, he joined VIOTECH Communications as Research & Development Engineer and has been bringing his expertise in Multimedia and network activity into various national and European projects (ADAMANTIUM, MULTI@HOME, ARDMAHN) as well.