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GERYON Communications for life

GERYON is an open interoperability enabler not just for PMR but also allows the citizens sharing enriched information with the PSAPs and emergency bodies natively by using 3GPP 4G standards.

GERYON Control Room Web Interface Example - GERYON Use Case 1: Crash in Donostia / San Sebastian

Example of a web based simple control room interface including multimedia capabilities to interact with citizens using native IMS/VoLTE capabilities and First Responders using IMS/VoLTE over LTE or TETRA. All controlling, communication and dispatching logic in GERYON are located in the Call Controller and other IMS network nodes using standardised SIP interfaces, so that deploying enriched interfaces is a quick task.

GERYON appeared in the Basque TV media, Spain

The GERYON project appeared in the Teknopolis TV show, one of the longest-running science and technology disseminating programme with more than 10 years on air in the Basque public television.

In spanish

In Basque

The GERYON project

This video presents an overview of the GERYON project. At the beginning, it demonstrates the need of the GERYON project that aims to provide next generation technology independent interoperability of future emergency services. Then the partners and roadmap of GERYON are described in details. The video finishes with describing the GERYON's objectives and a number of key components (e.g. GEMS and GEGW).

GERYON project: PoC between TETRA and IMS terminals

In this video, we are going to present A PoC Call between a TETRA terminal and an IMS handset by using the PoC standard that is defined by OMA.

Control room demo

In this video, we demonstrate the prototype of a control room that is implemented based upon an open source Call Center for IMS (CC4IMS). The prototype supports a number of emergency services, including video call, chat with file transfer, and call forwarding and dispatching.

TETRA to IMS client text message demo

In this video demo, we show a text message conversation between a TETRA terminal and an android device running an IMS client. In this case, we are making use of a Teltronic infrastructure and a WIFI network to interconnect with the mobile phone.

LTE to TETRA client call demo

This video shows the first interoperability test between a commercial LTE network and a TETRA PMR architecture that is implemented in the EU FP7 GERYON project. The video demonstrates that the call setup from a 4G terminal (which is registered to an LTE network in Athens, Greece) to a TETRA terminal (which is registered in a PMR network in Bilbao, Spain). For the realization of this communication, the LTE terminal is equipped with an IMS GDROID application (GERYON-Droid) and a GERYON Enhanced Gateway (GEGW) is utilised for the interconnection between IMS and TETRA networks.

TETRA to IMS client call demo

In this video demo, we show a call stablishment between a TETRA terminal and an android device running an IMS client. In this case, we are making use of aTeltronic infrastructure and a wifi network to interconnect with the mobile phone.